March, Explained

I have realized that I did a horrid job of actually including some important things from the video. Yes, this video (and all unless otherwise notified) was made by yours truly, and depicts some of the finer moments of the month. I included some that don’t need more discussion. My problem comes with the photos/events I ignored. Specifically, I highlighted certain events during Spring Break that require explaining.

For anyone in the Midwest, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, is known as the hospital to which one goes when one’s medical issues are beyond the skill of the average practitioner or even specialist. I, however, am not dying…I spent two days at Mayo over break, attempting to find answers to biologically-based problems that “spiced” up my travels through Egypt. Of course, going to Mayo suggests I condone “solving” medical conundrums through the conventional Western medical system; I’m not so sold on the vary-from-norm = issue = addition of pharmaceutical drugs to solve. So, I probably have Lyme disease, and am taking a drug. Yeah, there’s ethical issues in that decision.

The other important thing of note is that, while I went home for break to do homework and help out on the farm, my parents surprised me by taking me down to my grandmother’s (in Grinnell, IA) for Easter. A delightful evening of catching up with an uncle and my grandmother ensued before Easter Sunday itself, during which we hosted several of her widow(er) friends. Beginning on the subject of my family’s trip to Egypt, and my semester abroad, we ended up learning about two women’s journey on bicycles through Europe immediately after World War II and two men’s experience in the US military during WWII. The conversation was very interesting, I must say, and their actions were, might I say, daring.


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A passionate outdoor educator, I hold a degree in anthropology. While not a salaried academic, I pursue various thoughts stemming from my experiences and their intersections with others' experiences. I also love to start conversations, so comment if anything tickles your fancy.
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3 Responses to March, Explained

  1. Aisha says:

    If you think you have Lyme Disease, you might want to consider seeing an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) … Unfortunately, when I went to Mayo, they told me there’s no possible way I could have it when in fact I had Lyme and a handful of Co-infections! Praying you find answers! đŸ™‚

    • landje03 says:

      Thanks. The main obstacle for doctors in determining a specific answer is that I’m not symptomatic, and haven’t been for several months. I hope you’ve been free of Lyme!

  2. Jan says:

    A friend of mine informed me about your blog and I realize why they were bragging about it. It’s not very often that I stop to post a comment on a blog but it’s so great that you practically made me do it! Keep Writing Grreat Posts!

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