So, having campers is both ridiculously rewarding and exhausting. I have a group coming in tomorrow, so I had the evening off to contemplate some of the more fascinating campers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of connecting.

One teen male entering high school (my first Flambeau trip) began our conversation by reminiscing on his first Amnicon trip. He remembered nearly everything about that trip, which was more than a year prior to my meeting him. As a deep thinker, I appreciated how much what I do impacts our campers even more than I do normally. Since that trip, I’ve seen numerous kids that I guided in the last two years return, and I’ve heard some stories they tell about me that give me what we on staff term “the warm fuzzies”.

One young woman just graduated from high school came on my trip to the Bois Brule River (whitewater), telling me that she needs wilderness/nature, horses, and music to live. I’ve since realized that wilderness/nature/outdoors, youth/educational setting, and social justice are things necessary to my life. She also had a conversation with me regarding how beauty is different in the wilderness as compared to “in society/civilization”. For one, people are more open to sharing of themselves in the wild, making them more beautiful people. Secondly, the artificial physical beauty so pumped by societal norms is of drastically lesser importance than their real charm. 

No one particularly stands out from my trip to the Apostle Islands, but I’m still processing what I learned from the group as a whole. My adult leader, a former guide, was an absolute joy. I left the Apostles very refreshed and utterly filled in an intangible sense.

I am to guide another Flambeau trip of all boys with a young man volunteering for the week. Since my first trip I am far more comfortable with the ambiguity of future, so I am comfortable in my spot, waiting to learn about some more fascinating humans!



About landje03

A passionate outdoor educator, I hold a degree in anthropology. While not a salaried academic, I pursue various thoughts stemming from my experiences and their intersections with others' experiences. I also love to start conversations, so comment if anything tickles your fancy.
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