Black Friday

My last post talked about how a business camp shifted my attitude towards corporations. I actually acted on my new perspective and began working as a seasonal part-time retail associate in the Mall of America. I read a basic company guide on my first shift, and henceforth I’ve been learning as my managers assign me new spots on the floor. During my first week of work, I helped an inordinate number of people, realized that my job is boring unless people enter the store, and I learned the company desires legal profit more than anything. I found my multinational corporate employer doesn’t hold any of the alternative business perspectives I learned at business camp, making me question my changing attitude.

I realize making a verdict on less than 40 hours of work doesn’t stand to scholarly rigor. I come to this conclusion after two weeks of employment without assigned work shifts, after which was the week leading up to Black Friday. I’ve talked about my work experience extensively with my housemates – two have long experience in retail, another has experience in both the Chinese communist economy and the US capitalist economy. (The latter’s perspective is similarly vehement to this video.) They unanimously challenge the attitude that corporations operate with ethics other than profit. I also gleaned insight through the announcements that come over my radio headset and information plastered in the store’s back.

Constantly frustrated by that company, I decided to quit on my third shift. I’m now working two weeks more to comply with managerial requests. Less than two days after quitting, I found evidence pointing to pure profit as the company’s motivation. Yet, I’m not convinced that one experience in the corporate world defines the whole sector. I’ve sent job applications to other companies, two of which operate in multiple states. I may have lost hope for ethical multinational corporations, but I still have hope for finding small business with a heart for people.


About landje03

A passionate outdoor educator, I hold a degree in anthropology. While not a salaried academic, I pursue various thoughts stemming from my experiences and their intersections with others' experiences. I also love to start conversations, so comment if anything tickles your fancy.
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