Moorish Spain

Fletcher, Richard. Moorish Spain. New York City: Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1992. 178 pages.

Fletcher’s book is less a historiographic treatise and more a detailed travelogue for the modern province of Andalucia, Spain. Nevertheless, the book traces political, social, intellectual, cultural, and religious history from the Muslim Berber conquest of Visigothic Iberia in early 700s to the last episode of Morisco expulsion and conversion in 1600s-1750s. Fletcher, a renowned Hispanic scholar, focused primarily on the Muslim dynasties, communities, and culture, but he also included relevant monarchies, religious orders, and cultural ideologies from Latin Christianity and Western Europe. Upon completing the book, the lasting impression is that Moorish Spain’s history is extremely convoluted. The book serves well as an accessible introduction, but this book is not useful for research.


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