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Changing the Definition of “Success”

Success is an abstract concept that humans continually try to quantify. With a quantifiable metric, success becomes something we can grade ourselves against, see how far we fall short, and something hopefully we can achieve. Throughout my life, I have worked in … Continue reading

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Has My Moment Come?

I have a quote by Maria Lugones (2003) celebrating “…bi- and multilingual experimentation;/code-switching;…caricaturizing (sic) of the fragmented selves we are in our groups…crossing cultures; etc.” I recently read it and disagreed with it for the first time. Messing with the … Continue reading

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Updates on Posts

Looking back at last year’s posts, I have a couple of updates providing continued conversation with certain topics. Regarding “Shifting Attitudes Toward Business” and “Black Friday”: This week I started working as a mechanic for the Upper Midwest’s largest bike shop company. … Continue reading

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Scott Meadowcroft

One week ago I learned that Scott Meadowcroft, my friend, killed himself. The news hurt in ways I wouldn’t have expected – it brought up memories, regrets, frustrations, worries, and seemingly unfounded sobs. Task-driven as usual, I pondered how to … Continue reading

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Wilderness Defined

I’ve been struggling with defining “wilderness” for at least three years now. I’ve fallen through on my promise to dive into the layers of meaning from nature authors, advocates for legal “wilderness” areas, or folks with whom I interact. I struggled … Continue reading

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