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A City Dweller

This is a retrospective post, originally created in October of 2015 and then lost. I still think the idea of connectedness and living in a city through all senses is worthwhile sharing. I spent much of the winter months last … Continue reading

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Scott Meadowcroft

One week ago I learned that Scott Meadowcroft, my friend, killed himself. The news hurt in ways I wouldn’t have expected – it brought up memories, regrets, frustrations, worries, and seemingly unfounded sobs. Task-driven as usual, I pondered how to … Continue reading

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On my way home from a wedding I mentioned in this post, I listened to this episode of RadioLab. The juxtaposition of these two narratives made me reflect on the choices of the wedding party over the duration of the wedding. Because I … Continue reading

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On Being a Senior

On the last day of classes, a good friend (who’s graduating) asked me what I thought about being a senior. Quite honestly, I’m not there yet, so I responded by telling him what I thought about being a junior. Here’s … Continue reading

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April Showers of Rain, Snow, and Work!

April 2nd was the day the first mourning doves cooed outside Luther dorms. Exactly one month later, we had a great big snowstorm. Regardless, there were bright sunny days and cloudy days, chilly days and warm days, dry days and … Continue reading

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