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How to Love Home

A pheasant rooster struts and shows off his tail feathers and vivid colors on the horse pasture’s hilltop during summers, sneaking into safer grasses only when our mare nibbles nearby. This spring, the rooster has competition for the pasture territory. The two … Continue reading

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As an after-graduation trip, I attempted to go backpacking in central Iowa. One problem – backpackers need ample clean water access for survival and central Iowa has a serious pollution problem in all the water. My fellow ‘packer and I … Continue reading

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Locating Myself

Much of the literature to which I’ve been exposed in my particular education emphasizes the importance of attaching myself meaningfully to some place. That place could be Luther (a beautiful campus and meaningful relationships), my parents’ farm (very nice house, … Continue reading

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April Showers of Rain, Snow, and Work!

April 2nd was the day the first mourning doves cooed outside Luther dorms. Exactly one month later, we had a great big snowstorm. Regardless, there were bright sunny days and cloudy days, chilly days and warm days, dry days and … Continue reading

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